Brennstoffzellenkooperation: Raj Nair, Weber, Mitshuhiko Yamashita

29.01.2013 | Specials & Events

Accelerating the fuel cell technology

Nissan, Daimler and Ford Motor have signed a unique three-way agreement to accelerate the commercialization of fuel c... more

Vision Energy Force

21.11.2012 | Specials & Events

Vision Ener-G-Force – off-road for tomorrow

The Los Angeles Design Challenge 2012 quests for the police car in 2025, Mercedes-Benz has it: as a cool remake of th... more

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In focus: building initiatives for an H2 infrastructure

Wasserstofftank - Linde

24.06.2012 | H2-Infrastructure

Partnership Linde and Daimler

Playing a crucial part in the development of Germany's hydrogen infrastructure is the collaboration between vehicle manufacturer Daimler and technology group Linde AG. Both companies are making a significant contribut... more

Wasserstofftankstellen für Deutschland

20.06.2012 | H2-Infrastructure

50 hydrogen filling stations for Germany

The development of the hydrogen infrastructure in Germany now gains momentum. Federal Ministry of Transportation and industrial partners build nationwide network of filling stations. more

Web News for e-mobility with fuel cell


20.01.2014 |

Toyota points gun at their fuel cell ...

Toyota is leaving nothing to chance as it plunges into sales of hydrogen ...

08.01.2014 |

Looking for a H2-pump? There might be...

Toyota is working with the University of California at Irvine and state o...


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